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How to Repair Bad Credit Yourself

There are more and more credit repair services advertised online and on the TV, but not many people know that bad debt help is closer than they think. It is possible to eliminate bad debt on your own, using the below DIY methods. If is not going to cost you a lot of money, and you will be able to see the same results as a professional debt management company, if you follow the instructions below.

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  1. Get your credit report

The first thing you have to do is to get a copy of your credit file. The good news is that it is currently available free through the Internet, and you can get it much cheaper than if you were ordering it as a part of a debt management plan. You have to have all the information detailed in there and get all discrepancies sorted out before you go ahead and start to eliminate bad debt.

  1. Evaluate your credit commitments

You have to make a list of all your credit commitments and monthly payments. If you are struggling with bad credit, chances are that your credit payments are currently over your budget and you don’t have enough income to cover all your expenditure. The only way you can solve bad credit is to reduce your payments or increase your income.

  1. Look for debt solutions

There are plenty of solutions available for you to eliminate bad debt, like consolidation loans or budgeting better each month. Ensure if the family budget is involving more than one person, you will sit down and look for solutions together. That way you can get everyone agreeing in the methods and next steps.

  1. Eliminate bad debt

After you have found bad debt help by speaking to your creditors, advisors, or different agencies, you can start your debt consolidation plan. Start applying the debt solutions from day one and stick with them. You have to ensure you are keeping all the important dates of payments and salaries noted on your wall calendar, to ensure you can repair bad credit by making payments on time.

  1. Repair bad credit

You need to ensure you are sorting out all the disputes and are setting up all your payments on direct debit. You are usually free to change your payment date, and it is advisable that you are also creating a spreadsheet to know when are your payments due. Schedule your repayments after your payday and stick with the plan. You have just saved yourself a lot of money by not paying for a costly debt management plan.

How to Get Out of Debt on Your Own

There are loads of stories around all telling you about the best ways to get out of debt for good, but there is still loads of information missing with regards to the steps you have to take. Getting out of debt is a lengthy process that involves careful planning and budgeting, and although there are many debt management services the solution that is tailored to your needs is hard to find.


The right way to get out of debt is to evaluate your credit situation and find the most suitable solution for that. It will depend on what type of debt you do have and how bad your credit rating currently is. Loads of advice is available on the Internet on debt management, and there are specialist debt counselling services that can give you a general guideline on how to get out of debt.


As said above getting out of debt involves assessing your financial situation, budgeting and consolidating the most expensive credit in order to reduce your monthly outgoings. There is another option that many people use to get out of debt faster than normal, by increasing their income, but this option is less viable these days when employment level is low, and people should be happy really to hold one full time job.

The first step to get out of debt is to evaluate your credit situation. You need to collect all the bills and credit contract you might have. It is vital to know your balances on your loans, credit cards in order to be able to start the process of getting out of debt. If you can create a spreadsheet on the computer, it is important to put them down as they are. It will help you see clearer about your credit.

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The next step is to have a look into your other outgoings and budget. Try and reduce your monthly bills by switching suppliers or signing up for a cheaper option, and cancel all the subscriptions you do not need. There might be some premier channels you are subscribed to or other bills.

Is it costing you much to have credit? If it does, it might be that you are on a high interest rate or are incurring charges.

How to Choose Between Credit Repair Software and Credit Repair Services?

In case you do already have bad credit debt you might be looking into different options to repair your credit rating. You need to know that there are different options available on the market, you can even go ahead and give it a try on your own. But there are other solutions as well that make the process of credit repair much easier and faster as well.

There are differences between credit repair products and services, of course. You can go ahead and have a free consultation with a debt management company or credit repair agency. The good news is that they are professional and have plenty of experience in repairing credit. They have different systems and methods to be able to sort out your problems fast. They can personalize their offer and methods to match your needs.

You can also choose to purchase a credit repair software or program to be able to sort out your bad credit rating yourself, but with a little bit of help. You will get the timescales reduced as many of the features in these software are automated and you will just have to provide minimum information. This process can also be personalized depending on your credit situation, personal circumstances and needs, but does not involve an expert who is making decisions for you.

Now that you do have an overview of the two options of repairing your credit you might be asking which options are going to work better for you. Here are some short features of each product that are going to help you determine which route to go down on.

  • Cost:

With regarding to the total cost of credit repair you will need to take into consideration the initial and ongoing costs. If you decide with a software the initial cost is going to be the only thing you have to pay and you can keep on using the software to maintain a healthy credit report.

If you are deciding with a credit repair agency you need to know that the process may take longer and the costs can be spread over. You might not get charged until you see results but you might get a larger bill in the end or even consultation fees now and then.

  • Efficiency:

If you are looking at purchasing a credit repair software you can expect fast and steady results. Depending on how much time you are devoting to using the software the efficiency can be increased.

If you are using an agency you will need to make sure you are getting a deadline by when the project can be completed. They might ask for some time initially to review all your accounts and as it is usually done manually it can take much longer to get all the details on file. It does not mean a good UK credit repair agency can not produce fast results.

Whichever option you choose bear in mind that the quicker you take action the sooner you will achieve your credit repair goals.